Our top-of-the line cutting machines can produce parts of all shapes, sizes and thicknesses with tight tolerances.

Every piece of armor is precisely cut on our CNC operated Tanaka laser cutting stations. This keeps part dimensions accurate and tolerances tight between armor plates, resulting in better protection.

Large Parts, Tight Tolerances, Well Engineered Products

• (2) Tanaka 6000 watt/dual gantry style lasers – 13’ x 220’ cutting area

• (1) Tanaka 4000 watt/single gantry style laser – 12’ x 54’ cutting area

• (2) Bystronic 6000 watt/shuttle table style lasers – 5’ x 10’ cutting area

• (1) Mitsubishi 3600 watt/shuttle table style laser – 5’x 10’ cutting area

• (3) Messer Metal Master Plus High Definition Plasma – 10’ x 30’ cutting area

• (1) Messer Metal Master MPC High Definition Plasma – 10’ x 30’ cutting area (with drilling and beveling capability)

• (1) Messer Metal Master Plus High Definition Plasma – 8’ x 25’ cutting area



With the latest in equipment technology, IF Armor International offers a powerful choice of bending solutions. We have Precision CNC press brakes that can handle a multitude of parts of all sizes and thicknesses starting with one of our most dynamic, the LVD 2,000 ton – 40’– fully automated CNC press brake.

The LVD is one of the only fully automated CNC press brakes in the southeast with this capacity. It starts with a CNC programmable front/rear back gauge, laser angle checking device and lastly, an ejecting device for side-ejecting large parts.


• (1) LVD 2000 ton 40’ CNC Precision Press Brake – Fully automated front and back gauges/precision laser angle checker with part-side ejection capability

• (1) Durma 1100 ton 23’ CNC Precision Press Brake

• (1) Durma 440 ton 13’ CNC Precision Press Brake

• (1) Durma 330 ton 10’ CNC Precision Press Brake

• (1) Durma 245 ton 13’ CNC Precision Press Brake

• (1) Durma 245 ton 12’ CNC Precision Press Brake

• (1) Amada 50 ton 6’ CNC Precision Press Brake


At IF Armor, welding is our expertise. Precision is a must in manufacturing large, uniform weldments. IF Armor strictly adheres to the welding procedures set forth by the AWS structural welding guidelines.

Our capabilities include all manual welding and cutting processes as well as robotic welding. IF Armor works closely with welding equipment and consumable OEM’s to continually develop our processes and knowledge base.


• (150) Miller Delta, 450 Amp

• (30) Miller Access, 450 Amp

• (6) Miller Delta, 650 Amp

• (5) Miller Dynasty, 350 Amp Tig



The Fusion Arc 180L is designed for MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding, Tandem MAG welding, Aluminum MIG welding, and Plasma Arc Cutting. The 180L comes standard with 3 individual weld stations. This arrangement is well suited for a broad range of applications including small, stationary parts that may require welding on one or more sides, nested arrangements of like or dissimilar parts grouped into a fixture, or medium
size parts and/or assemblies.

For larger parts and/or assemblies, the larger 180L includes the same layout and design while providing expanded space for the part or assembly size and robotic reach.


• (2) Capital/Dahan Robotic welders with 3 workstations and index fixture tables

• (1) Capital/Dahan Robotic welders with rotary and index fixture table





Our experience in dealing with the nuances of unique armor components as required by the U.S. Military has honed our skills and positioned IF Armor International as the complete armoring source.


IF Armor International provides ballistic solutions to protect against threats including CEN, NIJ, and STANAG protection levels. We can help decide a protection level given the vehicle type and environmental exposure.

IF Armor’s goal is to manufacture the safest solutions to keep our war fighters safe. We do this by using the best strategies in design and production. To reduce weld joints which weaken armor, large sections of armor are used. IF Armor’s large format laser cutters allow for larger core panels. Larger parts mean fewer welds which ultimately results in better protection. The protection solution is a culmination of experience and testing
found at IF Armor.

Tactical and OEM style interiors are available.